Unpublished Apps Review Process Flow & Security Limitations Queries


I recently got a notification from Zoom that my Meeting SDK has to be upgraded from Legacy App to General App by due date as it will not able to join meetings.
But, I am not clear with the latest guidelines regarding unpublished Apps as there was a flow change.

I have few queries on this.

  1. Are Legacy Apps are going to be removed completely. If not so, what difference it makes for Legacy App (Meeting SDK) to join meetings with in our organization/tenant?
  2. Now General Apps are again categorized into Development & Production. Is there any security limitations for Development General Apps?
  3. Can Development Category General Apps join meetings created by anyone in the tenant/organization?
  4. Is Development Category General Apps have any expiry time to be converted into Production category? If yes, how long?
  5. For an Unpublished General App (either Production or Development) can join meetings inside meetings created by anyone in the same organization/tenant?
  6. Is there any review process exists for Unpublished Apps? If yes, can anyone explain in detail.
  7. Can unpublished Apps can be added by user on request?
  8. I have requirement of both Meeting SDK & Client to Server OAuth App. Is Single App is enough for both or does it needed to create individual Apps?

Can someone help me on above queries please?

Hi @kisappdev , can you please share a screenshot of the notification please of the language you received? I want to connect directly with the team that is responsible for the new marketplace app build flow.

See all responses above.

Thanks for your reply.

I understood a bit more based on your reply. But, I still had a lot of queries.
I am mentioning few more questions, explained below with use cases.

Scenario 1 : I have Meeting SDK to join a zoom meeting using a user ZAK token. the zoom meeting was created by the another user within the same tenant or organization.

  1. Will Meeting SDK (Legacy App) able to join the above meeting, if host has given access to the user (ZAK Token User).
  2. Can Meeting SDK (Development Category General App) able to join the above zoom meeting?

Scenario 2 : I saw the above shared url (Publishing apps) but it was meant for Published Apps. But, I didn’t require the app to be published just want to add it to myself.

  1. Is the same process to be followed for both Published & Unpublished Apps as well?
  2. Can Unpublished Apps adds to himself (App Owner), not to be added by anyone?
  3. Will existing Legacy Apps stops working after the above mentioned due date?
  4. Can my Scenario 2 be a private App? If yes, Is existing Legacy App is fine without doing any changes?
  5. Is Private Apps are same as Legacy Apps?
  6. Is Private Apps also need to go through any review process? May be can you bit explain more about private Apps creation in Zoom Market Place.

Thanks in advance.


Can you please reply on above queries please?

Hi @kisappdev ,

This is the guidance to have a Meeting SDK operate as a meeting bot to join a meeting: Meeting Bots Accessing Media Streams

Please click that link again and you will see information about published vs. private (unpublished) apps to answer your questions.

Legacy apps were just the old UI and for app types. They were segmented into Meeting SDK, Chat App, OAuth 2.0, Server-to-Server, Webhook. Now, under unified build flow, you can enable these as different features under ONE APP containing the same credentials.

Hi @gianni.zoom

Thanks for your response.
Just would like to confirm once again on few queries.

  1. Private means an unpublished Legacy App or an unpublished general app, right?
  2. Even after below mentioned due date (28 June, 2024), there will be no change in existing working functionality for unpublished apps, right?
  3. The below attached notice screenshot was related to published apps only with a new review process, right?
  4. Can you confirm below scenarios mentioned in table are correct please?

Attached Notice Screenshot :