Unpublished Zoom SDK App to join public meetings

I reciently started receiving a 6601 error meaning my SDK app is unable to join public meetings using the SDK token it generates. Since this previously worked just fine and it now receiving the 6601, I’m assumig this is from the deactivation of the JWT apps.

Point being, we have developed an app that uses the Zoom SDK to connect to public meetings and that functionality has now been restricted.

How is it possible to use the SDK to join a public meeting? Do I really need to publish to Zoom Marketplace the private app to gain authorization to join public meetings?

Where is the public announcement by Zoom that SDK Apps (NOT JDK Apps) will no longer have access to public meetings without publication to the Zoom Marketplace?

So should I start builing a Hello World Zoom Marketplace app to get the key/secret I need to join public meetings from my SDK App?

Hi, @mikkimichaelis,

Correct, the error you’re facing with the Meeting SDK is because the Meeting SDK App Type is not published.

If you’re trying to join or start a meeting from a different account than the one where the Meeting SDK App Type was created, you’ll need to publish your Meeting SDK App Type.

However, there is no need to worry. If the meeting is within the same account, you can still join or start it, even if the Meeting SDK App Type is unpublished. However, if the meeting is in a different account, you will need to submit your Meeting SDK app to the Marketplace and make it available for others, so that you can use the credentials for other accounts as well.

Here is our documentation for Zoom SDK App Requirements

Zoom SDK App Requirements

I am creating an Android App that uses the Zoom SDK to join public meetings. This app will never be published as a Zoom Marketplace app, how can it possibly be?

How is is possible to create an external 3rd party app that uses the SDK to join public Zoom meetings?

So I just read this page again which is what I’ve been working from for months now

and there is absolutely no mention of not being able to connect to public meetings using the SDK. That page says very little at all about Zoom Marketplace apps at all, let alone that being a new requirement. Where is this new situation documented?

You will need to submit your Application for review. More details on publishing Apps can be found here: See Publishing Apps for details.

Zoom wants to review my Android SDK app and publish it on Zoom Marketplace? Really? I’m honored. Is this true?

I want to be clear. I am creating a native Android app that uses the Zoom SDK to join public meetings. This app is using SDK key/secret to generate server side tokens to join meetings and not Zoom OAuth. This is NOT a Zoom App, this is a private native app that uses the Zoom SDK. This has been working fine up till a week ago.

I hear you telling me that I need to submit my Android app to Zoom for review and then they are going to publish it on the Zoom Marketplace for use by anybody that wants to. Really?

@mikkimichaelis ,

We are referring to submission of Meeting SDK App type for submission for review. We do not review your native application or web application.

Your Android application can be unpublished or a privately sideloaded application.

Do note that publishing/submitting for approval doesn’t necessarily means that your Meeting SDK App is available for public to use.

We are evaluating the use-cases for SDK to join 3rd party meeting.

Ok, thank you. So it would seem using SDK to join 3rd party meetings used to work and does not now pending the evaluation of the use-cases for SDK to join 3rd party meetings.

Thank you for providing the piece of information I’ve been searching for. Do you have any more information on this evaluation process? How long it will take and if we can submit a use-case to help justity its reinstatement?

I’ve been developing with the Zoom SDK now for nearly 2 years and have buit a business around its use. I’ve never seen a single shred of evidence that ever indicated the SDK could not be used to join 3rd party meetings - and the fact that it worked just fine the past 2 years means this was the original intention of Zoom - that the SDK be used to join 3rd party meeting. This has abruptly changed.

I am requesting any and all documentation by Zoom on this change in the use of the SDK. Thank you for your help.

@mikkimichaelis ,

The link which Donte shared has details on that, it is a single paragraph. There was additional details sent via email to developers on a deadline (varies across different individuals) on this.

Do submit it and let me know, we can try to push and follow up from our side