Unusual Wrap-up Duration / CC not catching status change

Contact Center - Analytics & Reports

While looking at our queue metrics I’ve noticed that the Average Wrap-up Duration will occasionally be very high while the Talking Duration remains normal. After investigating, it appears that the Wrap-up Duration on some engagements are extreme (> 15 hours).

The offending engagements are usually the agents last for the day and the engagement events show Consumer Hangup and Agent Hangup. So initially I suspected that they are not changing their status before end of shift.

Let me introduce
Engagement: Xrefye80SLKC3mWCwWL37A
Talking Duration: 00:00:07
Wrap-up Duration: 23:09:13

The agent took multiple calls before and after. The immediately next calls started roughly one minute later and was completely normal, as well as the ~30 calls after that. The agents last call of the day was also normal.

Thanks in advance