Update a webinar survey API isn't updating survey setting even with a 204 response

We currently have an integration with a ServiceNow instance and Zoom account to automatically create webinars. We want to set the “Show the link on the follow-up email” option to true, but since it’s not an option on the “Create a Webinar” settings we have to do a follow up PATCH using the “Update a webinar survey” API. That API endpoint won’t take just the “show_in_the_follow_up_email” setting even though it is coming back as a 204 success message. Sending a URL along with the setting does work, but using that endpoint it will convert all letters into lowercase rendering the URL useless as it’s case sensitive.

Did find a workaround for this issue. Currently have it set to update the survey settings first with the “Update a webinar survey” endpoint and then using the “Update Webinar” endpoint to re-add the case sensitive URL (that endpoint does not convert the URL to lowercase).

Welcome to the Developer Forum and thank you for posting your workaround solution. That behavior sounds strange. Can you share an example of the case-sensitive URL that “Update a webinar survey” endpoint does not convert to lowercase ?


Hi Donte,

Thanks for looking into this. This would be the URL that I’m trying to send in the “Update a webinar survey” endpoint is as follows:


What we see when checking the webinar is this:

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Hi Donte,

Any update on this post? Looks like the workaround isn’t working anymore. Update webinar will not patch in a new survey_url.

Hi, @sam.dieck,

Let me do some testing on my end and get back to you with an update on what I find.


I’m interested in this too! @donte.zoom Any progress?

Hi, @sam.dieck & @dcmiltown,

Tested the described behavior and can confirm it is expected. I understand your frustration, please know will share this scenario with the API team for consideration. Please feel welcome to submit your use case as feedback to be considered for a future release here: Feedback - Zoom

To that end, looking at the ServiceNow forum, I am seeing many users have posted similar questions. The general advice given to resolve this matter is to use regex or convert the URL string to Uppercase with the IndexOf method. I’ve linked a related article here, which offers guidance for ensuring your custom scripts work with case-Insensitive text for reference.

Let me know if this helps,

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