Add new "Participant Updated" Meeting Webhook

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
For some integrations we need to keep track of state changes like whether or not a participant already joined, is in a waiting room etc. This integration shall show the username of the participants though when joining they might still have an old username from previous meetings (some of which require non-descriptive codes like S8Z2BZ by company policy for privacy purposes) and update it during the meeting.
Currently there is no way to be notified if a participant changes their username during a meeting.

Describe the solution you’d like
As proposed by @MaxM in the first link below these problems would be solved by introducing a meeting.particpant_updated event.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
As already covered in the first link below there exists user.updated which however is only usable for users which have the app enabled or are part of the same account.
Furthermore it is possible to fetch some participant informations from the report or dashboard API but these require admin permissions and can easily run into quota limits as they would need to be polled.

Additional context
Similar topics are Webhooks for detecting participant name changes and Update Meeting Participant API "user_name" to include updated name after rename