Updating scopes after initial Marketplace app approval

Hello - we are in a (presumably not uncommon) situation where we submitted our app and received a rejection because of scopes that weren’t being visibly used in the platform. We have items on our road map in the next month or two that would utilize these scopes.

Because it sounds like we’ll need to pull these scopes back until utilized in a testable QA app, we were wondering about how difficult/burdensome updating scopes will be for us and for our users.

  1. First, is there any way to know who is fully up to date in their scopes for subsequent updates? Does the token indicate who needs to be upgraded?

  2. For scope updates, will your team need to test within our QA env?

  3. Once new scopes are approved and updated, will a user simply need to reauthorize through Zoom’s Oauth flow?

Thank you for the help,

Hey @toms_qa,

Happy to answer these questions:

Yes, if you receive a scope error for a certain user, you will know they need to update the app, which is just reauthorizing it (authorizing the new scopes).

Yes, however it is a much faster process to update your app then it is when you first submit it to be published.

Yes! The users will get an email notifying them there is an update available. Your app will still work for users who have not updated yet, however, you just won’t be able to use the new scope for them, until they update and authorize the new scope/s.

Does that help answer your questions? :slight_smile:


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