Updated app / TDD on Dec 21 2022, but still receiving reminders to update TDD before 28th Feb

Hi. We updated our application / TDD on Dec 21 2022, but we’re still receiving reminders to update the TDD before 28th Feb.

This is in relation to the app with the Client ID: KPbFGq5IQb2LyilPZkF0xQ

Can someone please confirm whether this email was sent to us in error or do we need to submit something again?

Thank you.


We are in the same situation. We previously resubmitted our application with the updated TDD in November when Zoom was still using Check Point. We went through that process and received approval confirmation at that time. We then received notification that we needed to re-submit using a new process.

We attempted to do that multiple times, but we encountered a series of bugs and errors with Zoom’s updated submission process. After several frustrating attempts, we were able to successfully submit the application with the TDD on January 27 and received confirmation of approval on January 30.

Then it gets really bad:
Sometime on or between the submission and approval, Zoom suddenly and without notice stopped sending the subscribed webhooks for our integrated Zoom accounts. This is hundreds of Zoom accounts that are counting on us receiving these webhooks to perform a number of automated actions after webinars and meetings. There is no way to contact zoom, and the only recourse they provide is to post on this public forum. https://devforum.zoom.us/t/webhooks-not-sent-for-oauth-connected-accounts-after-tdd-review-re-submit-of-the-app/82452/5

This has been a disaster, and there is no help from Zoom. And now, I’m receiving emails directing me to submit the TDD again? What a joke. Could someone from Zoom please step up and address this mess?

@todd4 @benjamin.g.dell Did you guys just update the TDD from the file form to the embedded questionnaire, or actually re-submitted the app? I suspect resubmitting the app will make it unpublished

I resubmitted the app and it was approved. But I am still receiving emails asking me to re-submit and I have no idea if I can safely ignore those emails or not.

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was it ‘on air’ in the days pending the approval?

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean by on-air. If you’re asking if our app was active and usable from an API standpoint, yes I believe it was.

meant exactly that, thanks

Hi @benjamin.g.dell @Oren and @todd4
thanks for reaching out to us and I apologize for the inconvenience you are having.

@benjamin.g.dell I will double-check with the Marketplace team about the status of your app. If you have resubmitted your app and it has been approved, I think you should be good.

@todd4 I am also checking on the status of your app (PlusThis), are you still having this issue where you are not getting events???

@Oren you have to update the TDD and resubmit the app. Do not worry about it resubmitting your app, won’t make it unpublished. Your app will continue working as expected.

I will come back with an update soon.

Thank you @elisa.zoom.

It’s difficult to say. We’ve sent communications to our customers directing them to reauthorize their Zoom app (go through the OAuth flow again) to try to mitigate the issue. (As described by another user in the other thread, reauthorizing the app restores those webhook events for that specific app.)

I can provide an update if I hear something from our customer support team about experiences customers are still having.

It would be ideal if Zoom could restore those old webhook subscriptions to avoid problems with customers who don’t go through the reauthorization flow.

I’m anxious to receive confirmation that our app has met the TDD/re-application process requirement and won’t be shut off later this month.

Thank you

I understand @todd4
I will personally follow up with you once I hear back from the Marketplace team about the status of your app
But if you have submitted your app for review after completing the TDD, your application won’t be removed or deactivated.

Hi @benjamin.g.dell
I can confirm that your app has been reviewed and approved.
We are working on an updated list to exclude developers that have updated their TDD.
I apologize for the inconvenience and you can ignore those emails for now.

That’s fantastic. Thanks Elisa

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Hi Elisa,
Any chance you can check the status of our app too? We updated a month or so ago, but we continue to get the notifications.
Thank you!

Hi @elisa.zoom , we need help with our App as well. We just went through a security check/approval abut 2 weeks ago, and I am not getting another message asking for an updated TDD. I dont see how to submit the TDD, and I am wondering if we can safely igrnore this message.

Hi @elisa.zoom,
We’re in a similar situation where we’ve already re-submitted our app with the TDD and gotten an approval but are still receiving these warning emails. Could you check if the status of our app is good, or if we’re actually at risk of our app being delisted come Feb 28th? Would appreciate any help you could give!

Can Zoom confirm that if we have already submitted the new TDD form, but it’s review time by Zoom goes past 28th of Feb, the app’s functioning will not be affected?

Same here, would be great to get this confirmed for our app, too. We keep getting the emails telling us to submit the TDD even though we did so long ago.

Hi @elisa.zoom - Similar to most of the folks on this thread, we’ve resubmitted our App to the marketplace (twice - with the updated TDD), received approval (twice), and we’re still receiving “FINAL NOTICE:” email notifications that our TDD needs to be updated. Can someone please confirm that our app will not be deactivated? Thank you!

Hi @cortfr if you have updated your app you should be good, but I can help you double check this, can you please share the name of your app with me?

Hi @casey if your app was recently reviewed and published in the Marketplace 2 weeks ago, you can ignore the message. It is safe to say that you submitted the TDD through the embedded form in the UI.

Hi @omid if you have re-submitted your app and got it approved you should be good and you could ignore the emails. But I can double check with the Marketplace team. Could you share with me the name of your app?

Hi @tkrunning you should be good but I can confirm that for you. I just need the name of your app.

Hi @np-integrations You can ignore those notifications if you have re submitted your app for review. I can double check for you, I would need the name of your app

Thank you! It’s this one.

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