Updated app / TDD on Dec 21 2022, but still receiving reminders to update TDD before 28th Feb

Thank you @elisa.zoom! This is our app

Hi @elisa.zoom – We submitted our TDD through the embedded form and it was approved in late December '22. Can you verify we are safe ? My app is called Donations by Pledge. Thanks!

Thank you @elisa.zoom! This is our app: App Marketplace

Hello @elisa.zoom , I updated the TDD twice (one in January with all the new changes/questions, and once later after we started getting reminder where I basically just re-submitted) and am still receiving the reminders.

Could you check that everything is ok?

App name= Electric AI

Thank you!

Hi @elisa.zoom

It sounds like we are okay because we resubmitted in January after the first notification. But if it is not too much trouble for you to double-check, our apps are Boomerang for Gmail and Boomerang for Outlook:

Boomerang for Gmail
Boomerang for Outlook

Thank you!

Hi @elisa.zoom

I have also resubmitted for the applications and have been approved.(Current status is Published)
If you don’t mind, could you check our applications?

eeasy for Administrators
eeasy for Members

Thank you!

Hi Elisa, we are having trouble locating the embedded TDD form on the Marketplace. Can you please advise?

Hi @Anita
The embedded TDD is in the app submission workflow

Hi all,
@tkrunning @np-integrations @paulf @omid @remi.carton and @Boomerang
I have confirmed with the Marketplace team that your apps have been submitted and approved.
You can ignore the email for now. As an update we are working on a list to exclude devs that have sumbmitted the updated TDD.

Thanks for your patience

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Hi @elisa.zoom we are also still receiving the reminder to update the embedded TDD form. Our applications have been previously submitted and approved. Just to clarify, are we required to resubmit the information we already provided in the previous approval i.e. fill out the embedded TDD form with the same information, and re-submit for review? Will this require another security review?

For reference these our applications:

Okta Workflows
Okta Preview Workflows

Thanks Elisa. Appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @elisa.zoom
Sorry, how about our applications?

Hi @elisa.zoom
Could you please check our app?
I updated the TDD and re-submitted our app on Feb 17th but still Waiting for Zoom approval.



Hi @yuki_hashimoto

I have reached out to the Marketplace team about this issue and it looks like there was a misunderstanding.

It looks like your apps are Oauth apps and are NOT AT RISK for suspension at the end of this month or disabling at the end of March.

We will be engaging all published apps to complete TDD and PA this year, but at this time ONLY Zoom Apps will be suspended/disabled if they do not complete the TDD and PA requirements.

Here are the steps that you can follow to verify if your app is a Zoom App or an OAuth app:

Go to App Marketplace > Find your published app (will have ‘Published’ under the Status Column) > If this app is ‘Zoom App’ in the ‘Type’ Column you are required to fill in the technical design section and submit an update. If this app is ‘OAuth’ in the ‘Type’ Column no TDD or Privacy Attestation is required at this time

Hope this helps,

Hi @ntbridge
Could you share the name of your app with me please

Hi @elisa.zoom
I sent this below. Is there any problem with this content?

Hi @elisa.zoom

Thanks for your confirmation and sorry for my misunderstanding.
I will continue waiting zoom review without worry.


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Hi @elisa.zoom
Is TDD update also required for Server-to-Server OAuth App type?

Hi @rabiasyedajamil
No, this TDD update is not required for Server to Server OAuth apps

Hi @ntbridge
Your app is an Oauth app and its not at risk.