How to request to upgrade when sharing the Zoom App across multiple web applications

When sharing the Zoom App across multiple applications, how can we request to upgrade?

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We created our Zoom App on App Marketplace and it passed the review and is successfully operating as a production mode.

We are in the process of creating a new web application and are planning to replace the old application with it. As a preliminary step, we are looking to temporarily share the Zoom App between the old and new applications. While the new application has functionalities equivalent to the existing one, the URL and technology stack are different. Are there any points we should be aware of when submitting a review request?
Now, we are considering making a request to upgrade after updating the app dashboard as follows.

  • For Basic Information, Add the new application’s image to the App Gallery (consolidate the old app’s images into three).
  • For Basic Information, Links remains unchanged since it is common.
  • For TDD, list both if the old and new applications differ.
  • For Submit for Review, test account and credentials, only list details for the new application.

@virginie.zoom @catalina.diaz mind helping here please?

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Hi Ryuki,

You will find the process to submit an update request here in our developer documentation: Updating an app.

Please note that if you make any change to the metadata of your app (description, images, app name etc.), you will not need to go through the security review process again. If on the other hand, you need to add or remove scopes, our reviewers will need to test the functionality of your app again to make sure it is working as expected. In this case, please make sure to provide a detailed and through test plan for each new scope added/removed.

As for TDD updates: please mention it to your reviewer in the notes of your submission. If we have any comments or questions, we will add them to your submission.



@virginie.zoom @gianni.zoom Thank you for your reply!

I understand that when sharing across multiple applications, adding explanatory comments and proceeding with the usual submission process should suffice.

Best regards,