[Urgent] Impossibility to verify domain

We are trying to publish a Meeting SDK app. At the time of verifying our domain, we are having problems, we hosted the file under domain.com/zoomverify/verifyzoom , is there anything we are missing? We are getting an error message from the verification console.

On our end, our hosting provider is making it difficult to actually host the verifyzoom.html file directly at domain.com/zoomverify/verifyzoom.html, but we were able to make a redirect from that url to the one specified in first paragraph, where the file is hosted. What else can we do here to get this fixed?



Thank you for reaching out in relation to Our Domain Validation process, the next steps will be sent to you via DM. Please refer to our domain validation resource: Domain Validation Explanation for any further questions you may have about the process.

Thank you.