[urgent]Major failure:httpstatus code:401 result:{code=124, message=Invalid access token.}

Failure Description:
2023-05-25 14:13:50:152 we updated new server-to-server token,like this:

server-to-server token:

at 2023-05-25 15:05:00,we found it occured a lot of initiating failures,the error infomation is:httpstatus code:401
result:{code=124, message=Invalid access token.}
Then we cut it back to JWT and the meeting initiating was back to normal…

This is reply from zoom zendesk:
Looking at the email, it shows that you may have been generating 4 tokens every hour which is the cause of the 124 invalid access token errors. If exceed the limit of 3 for generated tokens, it will trigger 124 invalid access token errors.

However, we checked the background log and found that multiple tokens were not applied for within an hour. Our code logic is to generate 1 token per hour.
Please help confirm the cause of the failure. thank you

If your application might have more than one concurrent usage of Zoom’s APIs, you probably want to implement a key rotation strategy because requesting a new access token will immediately revoke your current (previous) access token. Since you’re probably under time constraints with the imminent deprecation of JWT apps, you’ll probably want to go with the multiple Server-to-Server OAuth applications implementation (instead of the token_index increase) since that requires no interaction with Developer Support.

You appear to have another discussion thread about this topic; check there for other replies.

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