Usage / billing information for VideoSDK

Is it possible to see usage information for the VideoSDK? I’d like to know how many minutes have been used. Especially during development, I’d like to make sure something has not gone awry and started burning through my minute allocation.

Ideally, this would be something that can be pulled programmatically so I can set up usage alerting. Even better, it would be nice if the usage was broken down by topic or username so it could be associated with individual sessions.

I didn’t see anything in the documentation about this, and it’s actually a bit worrying that I can’t find my current usage anywhere.


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Could someone from the Zoom team comment? It’s worrying to consider building and launching something with no way of monitoring usage & costs.

Hey @bekit ,

You can see your usage in your Zoom Plan section here:

You can also see additional reporting metrics here:

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:


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Excellent, yes - that does help!

Is there any way to access this information via API? It looks like the existing billing API requires client secrets that can’t be created with a VideoSDK enabled development account.

Also, are there any plans to have reports that break down usage by topic or some other identifier to make it easier to map to sessions that we create?

Hey @bekit ,

Happy to hear that helps! :slight_smile:

Correct, there is currently not an API for billing / usage of a Video SDK app. This is a great suggestion, can you please sharer it here: #feature-requests

Yes, we do plan on developing more in depth reporting. :slight_smile: Stay tune.


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Thanks! I created a feature request here: Billing API Access for Video SDK accounts

Thanks @bekit ! :slight_smile:

We will evaluate this.

Sharing this related thread as well:


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