Use the API to change the host of an ongoing meeting

I want to use the API to set up an meeting alternative hosts, but I found that the alternative host also needs a license.

So, I have come up with an idea.

During the meeting, the host can designate any participant as the host and then go offline.

So, I can change the approach to:

  1. Use API to list participants in the meeting
  2. Designate one of the participant as the meeting host

For the first step, I have found an API that I can use.
But in the second step, I can’t seem to find the API to use?

Is this not achievable?

Or is there a way to achieve the situation where the meeting host is not online and set specific participants to have meeting host ?

I know that providing a specific participant start_url is a method,
but not participants can join the meeting using a url at any time. Sometimes it is easier to enter the meeting ID and password.

@Fitipower could you elaborate whats the use case for this?

The company has multiple license ZOOM accounts,they are all managed by the IT department.
When a user needs to host a meeting, IT provides the ZOOM ID and password.

IT personnel do not join every meeting, but there is still a need for a host to manage the meetings, even though the host does not have an license ZOOM account.

Now that ZOOM has many AI function, they require host permissions to use.

Our original approach was to have IT personnel join the meeting, switch host permissions, and then go offline.
But this method is a stupid.

Therefore, we want to use an API to retrieve the list of participants and designate a host.