User and phone webhooks: User ID has differing case

I am building an app to maintain a given user’s state across their Zoom tools - presence, meetings and phone. I note that the user’s user ID is in both phone events and user events - except that the case is different.

I need a single hash that contains the user’s current state: both presence and phone status. I think the user’s ID is ideal for the hash key. But why do we see inconsistent case across these event types? If I use case-insensitive keys do I run the risk of the key not being unique?

See the payload.user_id element below:

{"event":"phone.caller_ended","payload":{"account_id":"XXXXXXXX","object":{"call_id":"7105913388545705085","caller":{"extension_id":"XXXXXXXX","extension_number":779,"phone_number":"779","user_id":"CsNUP4DxQam2ojhcDzgGSA","timezone":"Pacific/Auckland","device_type":"PolycomVVX-VVX_250-UA/","extension_type":"user"},"callee":{"extension_number":999,"phone_number":"999","extension_type":"commonAreaPhone"},"ringing_start_time":"2022-06-06T00:13:08Z","call_end_time":"2022-06-06T00:13:16Z","handup_result":"Call Cancel"}},"event_ts":1654474396870}

Compare this to the field below:


As you can see, the values are the same but the case is different. Why is this?

No error is encountered.

API Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce
Create a webhooks app that includes both user and phone events. From a phone associated with a user, make a call and capture the webhook phone event. For that same user, change the user’s status in the Zoom app to Busy. Capture the webhook user event. Compare the IDs as described above.

Additional context

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