User in meeting status

Is it possible to retrieve the user’s current meeting status?

I’ve got the web hooks working for meeting_started and meeting_ended, but if reboot my server after it started (and before it ends), I can’t tell if the user is in meeting or not.

Hi @coder,

Have you tried to our Meeting Participant Joined/Left Webhook - ?

This will let you know if the user has joined or left a meeting.


Yes, in fact I mentioned that in my post. I’m already using those web hooks. The problem is if the user is already in a meeting, and then I start my server (that receives those web hooks), it doesn’t know if the user is in a meeting.

Here’s the breakdown

  1. Shutdown server hosting my app
  2. Join a meeting
  3. Meeting_started is fired but my server is not running so it doesn’t receive it
  4. Start server
  5. <This is where I’d query for the user’s meeting status>
  6. End meeting
  7. Receive meeting_ended (but my server didn’t know you were in a meeting to begin with).

Your webhook event listening server, should be up at all times and have a redundant backup (in case it reboots or is down for any reason).

Events are ONLY broadcast and retried for the documented period, and we expect your webhook consumer (server) to be up at all times.

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Makes sense. Thanks for the clarification!

Absolutely and happy to be of service!