User-level app has no dashboard scopes

Please help me on implementing an OAuth app.

I have 50+ users in my website. Each of my user may host meeting with other non-users .
I need to implement a provision where during such a meeting, the user who is the host would like to search for the profiles(list the participants of that live meeting) of the other non-user members in that meeting in facebook, linkedin etc (on a button click ).

To implement such a criteria, do I go with user-level app or account-level app?
I thought User-level app will suite my scenario but unfortunately it does not have dashboard scopes.
Can I do the same with account-level app?

Hi @chriztophermoriarity ,

Thank you for your inquiry! User-level apps can only request scopes that allow access to an individual user’s associated data. Additionally, host and admin account permissions are not mutually exclusive so if the host is not an account admin, they will not be able to query the endpoint.


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