GET /report/meetings/{meetingId} giving a 1001 error "User xxxx not exist or belong to this account"

Hello Zoom support community,

I know things have changed a bit since with the some policies within the Zoom API and I apologize in advance if I bring up an issue already mentioned elsewhere.

I am looking for advice on the best way to handle the following issue. The below examples have been striped of details to avoid data breaches.

I have had a API in place for a few months now which collects all the meetings from the previous day(s) then it gets the HOST_uuid via GET /report/meetings/{meetingId} (link).

Related to data loss that occurred on March 13th, I started to record errors. I have collected several UUID’s of hosts that receive the below error. I confirmed that these HOST_UUID did exist in our system previously and there are a couple different cases detailed here:

    • User is part of our organization and has multiple UUID’s assigned and all were deactivated on 3/14/2020.
    • No active account within Zoom but is still part of our organization.
    • Users are part of the organization but has two organizational emails.
    • One Zoom account
    • the hosted meeting was using the email not associated with the Zoom account.
    • Users with 2 active Zoom accounts
    • one account has the organization email the other has an alias of the organization email with a “e” prefix.
    • Users who were part of our organization but have moved on.
    • This specific case has one meeting using our organizational account, but the error still displays.
    • The other meeting is with their external organization email and the failure is expected.

What is the best way to report and get support on these? Is it secure to post the UUIDs here?

“code”: 1001,
“message”: “User xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx not exist or not belong to this account.”

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  2. See error

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Hey @sohling,

Are the meetingUUIDs you are passing in, meetings that are owned / created by the same Zoom account that created the JWT token?


Hey @tommy,

Thanks for the reply. Yes I believe they are, as they are retrieved by our organizations API request GET
. Perhaps I’m wrong in this assumption? What method would you recommend I use to check?


I have the same error code’: 1001, ‘message’: 'User does not exist:
when i use{meetingId}/participants and put Meeting Id
It give me that error code’: 1001, ‘message’: 'User does not exist:
although i checked that meeting id in api and found it and it has participants (8 participants )

Hey @bi-dair, @sohling,

Can you please private message me the meetingID you are passing in so I can debug further?


Hey Tommay,

I sent the meetingID to you .
Waiting your response.


Thanks @tommy,

Sent a message as well. Please let me know what you find out.


Thanks @bi-dair, @sohling,

I will reply to your dm.