`createBreakoutRooms` fails on Beta build

Hey @evgeny.balashov and Breakout Rooms team,

We’re noticing that when using our production/published app on the latest beta build Zoom client, the createBreakoutRooms method often fails. Here’s an example of the parameters and the error we receive:

calling callZoomApi('createBreakoutRooms') with parameters: 
    assign: "participantsChoose"
    numberOfRooms: 10
[Error] callZoomApi('createBreakoutRooms') failed: 
Error: Validation error, please check API parameters.
  ZoomApiError — zoom-apps-js-sdk.0.13.0.js:173
  (anonymous function) — zoom-apps-js-sdk.0.13.0.js:218

Our production/published app is using same code and is currently working as expected, without any validation error.

Any ideas what this could be?


@om7 I haven’t seen this before. Does lowering the numberOfRooms work around the issue?

Hey @MaxM I discussed this one-on-one last Friday with @evgeny.balashov, I believe he’s going to pass on to the engineers.

It’s likely something that was changed in the Beta build as our code hasn’t changed (it is the same published app, just a different Zoom client version)

@om7 Awesome, glad to hear that there’s traction already.