ZoomClient latest version broke ZoomSKD configureBreakoutRooms()


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Zoom Apps Configuration
We have a react app to create breakout rooms and assign members to their dedicated pods using the latest version of the zoomsdk


  • We created a Zoom app to help teachers create and assign members to breakout rooms automatically, the app is working on ZoomClients 5.x.x, but not on version 6.x.x;
  • The ZoomSDK in our app is in the latest version;
  • It happens on both OS (Windows and MacOS);
  • The zoomSdk.configureBreakoutRooms() returns the “No breakout room exist”, but I can see the breakout rooms were created.*

10065 - No Breakout Room exist. (the Breakout Rooms were created successfully)

Troubleshooting Routes
I investigated our logs and found out the error is coming from this zoomsdk call:
const configureRoomsOptions: ConfigureBreakoutRoomsOptions = {
automaticallyMoveParticipantsIntoRooms: true,
automaticallyMoveParticipantsIntoMainRoom: true,
closeAfter: durationInMinutes,
const result = await zoomSdk.configureBreakoutRooms(configureRoomsOptions);

How To Reproduce
Update Zoom client to the latest version, and then call the configureBreakoutRooms with the options I provided above

PS: I already opened a support ticket reporting this bug and they asked me to create a topic here

Hello @zoomadmin7 is there someone that can investigate this bug?