User Video Not Rendering Properly

We are developing a Windows application using the Windows SDK and the INormalVideoRenderElement. When a user joins the meeting with video disabled the video element shows the user name in the center of the render element as expected. If the user then enables their video during the meeting the video does not render in the element. It displays a black screen with their name showing in the lower left hand corner of the element. If they join the meeting with video and then turn it off and on the element renders properly. Is there something we are missing that needs to happen to get the video to render properly?

We are using version 5.0.24433.0616 of the SDK.

Hi @gdgudmundson,

Thanks for the post and pardon the late response. When have tried to reproduce the issue with the steps you provided, unfortunately we are not seeing the issues in our demo app. Could you have a try with our demo app( and see if this issue happens? You may refer to the following implementation in our demo app: