Users can't schedule or reschedule webinar if >100 schedules/day

We are experiencing an issue with this request: Zoom Meeting API

Our company relies on users being able to schedule and reschedule a Zoom webinar directly on our platform, using API integration with Zoom. We’re running into an issue where users are unable to schedule a webinar or reschedule using this API integration, if there have been more than 100 schedules or reschedules (total) in a day.

We can increase our rate limit, but I’m unsure if doing so would actually resolve our issue.

We’re wondering if the 429 error we’re receiving (3 request per day registrant limit) is on a per webinar ID basis. Would making the webinar NOT recurring enable someone to register for a different webinar without limits?

We’ve run into the 100 meeting changes per user per day limit; we sidestep the problem by maintaining our own records of what the desired settings should be, and then periodically compare with Zoom and send them changes to bring their data in alignment with ours. If we run into that limit, we’ll be able to try again on the next UTC day.

The panelist / registrant 3-per-day rate limit is separated by webinar ID. We don’t use recurring instances (we virtualize them to save on licensing costs and spoon-feed Zoom only the next instance’s information per meeting ID, so Zoom is only aware of one instance per meeting / webinar), so I can’t comment on how that rate limit affects different recurring instances.