Using LTIPro with Moodle 3.10

I am currently setting up LTIPro with Moodle and having an issue with it. I have tried to follow the guide on page LTI 1.3 - Install for Moodle - LTI Pro for Moodle - LMS Guides - LTI Pro but when I get to 2.III.h the save changes option I get a 403 error from the Moodle website.

Access is forbidden to the requested page:

(My moodle URL)/cp_errordocument.shtml (port 443)

Which App?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Install App
  2. Follow instructions on LTI 1.3 - Install for Moodle - LTI Pro for Moodle - LMS Guides - LTI Pro
  3. See error

If anyone can advise on this please I would be grateful.

Hi @dave.emsley,

Thanks for reaching out about this—is it possible to share a screenshot of the error page you’re seeing?

Additionally, can you confirm you have Zoom account admin permissions and meet the rest of the prerequisites outlined on this page?

Thank you,

hi Will.Zoom

Yes we meet all the pre-requisites.
Yes I have Zoom account admin.

I’ve followed all the details on this and when I get to 2.iii.h this is the response to clicking on “Save Changes”


NB I am the WebMaster


Hi @dave.emsley,

Thank you for confirming these details. I’m private messaging you now for some account specific details so that we can further investigate.


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