LTI Pro App not working with Business Account

We installed the LTI Pro App via the Zoom Marketplace in our business account and then added a new credential to get the LTI URL, LTI Key and Secret.

In Moodle we then added (manually configured) an external tool with the URL, key and secret. After that, we created a new course added the newly created LTI tool activity. If you open the course now, you will only get an error message stating that the invitation does not exist (Error Code 1120). I googled and found nothing about this error code, neither did the support I called. I checked all data about three times and could not find any errors.

Now the strange thing: We also have a Pro Account, and there the problems do not occur. It works flawlessly from the beginning and the zoom meetings are all displayed. I have compared the settings of both accounts and could not find any differences.

Invitation not exist
Error Code 1120

Hi @kevin.zapp, I’m not familiar with this error. I’ve reached out internally to investigate, I’ll get back when I have more info.

Are you able to see any differences in Account-level settings between the Business and Pro users? (in addition to user-level settings)

@kevin.zapp can you DM me any meeting IDs associated with this invitation?

Hi @michael.harrington,
thanks for the quick response. There are differences between the Business and Pro Accounts. I try to translate them, since our version is in german:
Account Settings (

  • [Business only] Questions and Answers in the Webinar = ON
  • [Business only] Interpreting (Dolmetschen) = OFF

Security Settings (

  • [Business only] Only account administrators can change users’ user names, profile pictures, login email addresses, and host keys = OFF

I think these are all relevant different account settings.

In the Settings page for the LTI Credential ( is only one difference:

  • [Business only] Tracking Field (Set tracking field values from LTI attributes): OFF

Regarding the meeting IDs, I will send you a message.

Thanks @kevin.zapp, we’re taking a look at this, I’ll get back to you as soon as I have more information

Our integration with D2L Brightspace is doing the same thing. It’s the URL that is bad and it started for us on Friday, April 17 at about noon.

It’s like Zoom made some updates or something that affected the LTI URL of and it throws an error. We’re going to have to disable it from our LMS. It worked fine for about a week…and then all of a sudden, it just stopped.

And I’ve had an urgent tech support ticket in since Friday…no response. AND…I’ve been in queue for tech support chat for 2.25 hours as of right now. This is very disappointing.

For future reference: @lwendt is experiencing error code 2207 with the LTI Pro app. This error occurs when the Admin who has installed the app on the Marketplace. If this occurs, reach out to with your account information so it can be adjusted if needed.


We are getting the same Erro on our Canvas Zoom tab.
The support has not been helpful.

How could you fix this issue?

Best regards

Hey @bobby.nourani,

What error are you getting? Please share a screenshot and steps to reproduce.