Using RSForm Pro!'s Post to Location

We are using RSForm Pro (a Joomla component) which has a Post to Location feature. I’m wondering if it’s necessary to do a zoom API call with this feature? We are just trying to pass the form data from our website to the zoom meeting registration page so that users do not need to enter in the same information twice. 


Thank you.



If I understand correctly, you have a form on your site that users fill out then you have them visit a zoom registration page to register for your meeting.

You can make a call out to the meeting registration API ( from your script, then your users do not have to visit the zoom meeting registration page at all. From the example link you provided this would happen in step 4.

Hi Joshua,

Thank you for your initial help. I do have a few questions, however, and hopefully you will be able to help.

  1. Currently the form is able to make the api call to our zoom account according to our call log page and it also submits the data into the Joomla database. However, it doesn’t register the participant into the meeting in zoom.

  2. When I attempt to use zoom’s API playground for the end point, I get the following error code in the call log:

    {“error”:{“code”:300,“message”:“Invalid input parameter: id”}

The id I’m inputting is the meeting ID. I’m not sure why this isn’t being accepted?

  1. I noticed in my meeting settings that there is a different key and secret for the integration of the meeting than in our credential area of our account. Why is that? Do we need to use one over the other?

Thanks in advance for your help!



  1. send me an email with account information (your email/account admin email) so i can investigate further

  2. In the above email can you also share exactly what you are posting to the api

  3. The integration key/secret are for (consumers not developers). If when you call the API you do not get an response that says “invalid api key or secret” you are using the correct credentials.

Hi I know this is a long shot as this issue was raised  12 months ago. But @IS Invoices have you managed to get this working?


Hi Geoffrey,

Are you looking to do the same in having a form on your site that users fill out without having to visit a zoom registration page to register for your meeting?


Hi Michael Purnell , wow thanks for your response. Yes, I am. I have a weekly Thursday evening session that I would like people to be able to simply sign up for once from my website, rather than on my website and then on zoom. can you help me understand how to do this? That would be AMAZING

Geoffrey (breathwork @ gmail . com)

Hi Geoffrey, 

You would first need to create an app within our marketplace. From there you can choose which scopes you need for your APIs when you’re building the form within your website. Also, it seems that you app will be an internal app, so you do not need to submit it for review. Just need to activate the publishable URL. 

Here are some links to get you started: 

Marketplace Introduction -

Choose scopes for APIs -