Using Sub-accounts with the REST API

We are looking for a way track the usage of Zoom across each of our departments and partners.

Using the API Plan, our idea is to Create sub-accounts for each of our partners then use the sub-accounts to create meetings. In this way we can see which divisions are using what amount of zoom minutes.

Is this a reasonable way of doing this? Is there a better way?

Hi Daniel, 

I’m following up from my previous post with a correction. There is a better way of doing this. 

If you are a master account owner, then you can create sub accounts and track the usage in those accounts independent of each other. Using the APIs this is currently the only option. 


@Michael , thanks. 

If we had an API Plan master account and we are creating users under subaccounts for tracking usage by our departments then what TYPE do we use for the users that are created?

The API lists the following types:

| type_integer_ | User’s type
1 basic
2 pro
3 corp

It doesn’t really describe what each of those types means. 

Hi Daniel, 

You can use any user type under those sub accounts. Here is an article explaining in details about Basic, Pro, Crop. 

  • Basic: A basic user is a free account user who can host up to 40 minute group meetings (3 or more participants).
  • Pro: A pro user is a paid account user who can host unlimited meetings on the public cloud.
  • Corp: A corp user is a paid account who can host unlimited meetings on the hybrid cloud (meeting connector).


@Michael , thanks again.

Let me expand on my question about user type.

If we had the per-minute API plan (as seen here ) and we want to create per-minute meetings in those sub-accounts then which type of user should we select? It’s my understanding that with the API Plan we don’t pay for each individual host we just pay for the minutes used each month. 

Hi Daniel, 

You can create as many Pro users as you want. Yes, you are correct, you only pay per minute used each month.