Using the Meeting SDK (C# Wrapper or C++) to Change Host Logo on a Meeting

I am trying to change the logo of a host on a Zoom meeting using the Meeting SDK (C++ or C# wrapper, I can’t find any way to do this!)

The only place that seems to have hope is GetMeetingConfiguration() interface in MeetingService but it doesn’t seem to offer an option for changing the configuration of a logo.

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?
I am using v5.15.2.18146 of the C# wrapper of Zoom Meeting SDK.

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Acer Aspire TC-1660
  • OS: Windows 10

@segalled , could you try this endpoint to upload the profile pic for the host?

I’m assuming that the host does not already have a profile picture in place, right?

Hi. Would it matter? Optimally I would like it to either replace the existing profile photo or set it to the new one (if it didn’t have one already)

Thanks for answering

@segalled ,

There is no method to change the profile picture on the SDK.
The REST API which I’ve mentioned is the way to change the profile picture (or the host logo)

I didnt mention that pls see my question.

@segalled , could you share a screenshot of the host logo which you are talking about?

Please see attached file. I am talking about any arbitrary logo to use in the meeting that a host starts.

For example, I will start a meeting with the meeting SDK or API then use the API to change the meeting host’s logo so participants see the logo I want them to see.

Is that correct?

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