Using the WebSDK to trigger events for a specific meeting participant

I’m trying to build an app where the host can trigger private, customizable events for participants. It would be similar to sending private messages to specific members on chat. A specific use case of this would be to allow hosts to trigger the addition of a custom button on participant X’s meeting UI. For example, if participant X is having difficulty finding the screen sharing button, then the host simply trigger an event to generate a that starts screen sharing for participant X when clicked.
Just looking for pointers on how I could go about this. Is this even possible with the current websdk?

Note: I understand that there might be possible security concerns that I would need to consider. I assumed that the inMeetingServiceListener function would help with this but the documentation says I need to wait for WebSDK 1.8.0 to understand what this function does.

Hey @hmaddali,

That currently is not possible, and not sure we will ever allow a host to turn on a participants screen share.

I would suggest you share your screen, and then show the participant where the screen-share button is with your mouse.