Alternative for handling panelists


As far as I can see, the panelist role is still not available in webSDK, right?

I am looking for an alternative way of how we can use webSDK though. Our use case is hosting online events with some presenters and many normal attendees. That means we set a long meeting and the presenters present in a row at a given time. Our company is the host and moderator.

So my question is:
If presenters come into the meeting with the role “attendee”, is it possible for me (host) to enable screen sharing, audio and video for them manually? Can I give them these rights when they are normal attendees?

If this is not possible, do you have any other suggestion of how we can make it work for our use case?

I’m looking forward to your reply, it would help us very much!


Hey @UlrikeWilke,

Please see my reply to your post here: