V2.0.1 vs v2.1.1 on Android and iOS

I’m not a new user of Zoom web sdk, I’ve been using it since the beginning.
This post is just to update you about the current situation of Zoom web sdk on Android and iOS.


  • Android audio (hearing the host and talking) was working fine except some delay
  • Android video was not working at all (it gives an error check the permissions of your browser)
  • iOS audio (hearing the host and talking) was working fine except some delay
  • iOS video was not working at al

This update was really amazing for Android, because everything is working more than amazing. Audio is working perfect without any delay. Video got fixed and it’s working fine without any problems (the guest from the phone turn on the camera)

However, for iOS, on chrome, it gives error: web browser is not supported, and in Safari, it doesn’t give the error, however, it doesn’t work at all. When any button is pressed such as unmute, it exits the zoom meeting automatically. In other words, it doesn’t work at all.

So to summarize, v2.0.1 was ideal except for some delay and lower quality when the host share screen. Minor lag appear. However, v2.1.1 was the best for Android (as if I’m using the Zoom app client), but it doesn’t work at all for iOS. Zero functionalities.

Edit: I’m using Angular.

Theae are the results of my tests.

Thank you for sharing your experience with mobile browsers @danielli! This is very useful.


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