Failing to manually validate Webhook Event Notification Endpoint URL

I’ve set up a legacy app and configured a few event subscriptions. I’m attempting to test the events locally using ngrok as the Event Notification Endpoint URL. However, the URL validation is unsuccessful and throws error message - URL validation failed. Try again later. I’m also experiencing a 403 Forbidden error for the subscribed events.

Please advise to resolve this issue.

Here is a sample:

Hi @ojus.zoom, appreciate your assistance with the Zoom Webhook Verification Sample. However, I’d like to clarify that verification isn’t the issue I’m encountering. Let me elaborate on the specific challenge I’m facing.

Within the Feature section of my webhook-only app, I’ve included a webhook notification endpoint URL. Despite having a manual validation button for this URL, the validation process fails and returns the error message: URL validation failed. Try again later.

I believe successful webhook validation is crucial before receiving event notifications. This could be the reason behind the 403 Forbidden error I’m encountering for the subscribed event notifications. I don’t receive the webhook request for the subscribed events.

Attached is a screenshot of the error for reference.

Can you try this sample: GitHub - zoom/webhook-sample: Receive Zoom webhooks. and see if you are able to verify correctly?

I have attempted the suggested solution, but as mentioned earlier, this pertains to webhook verification. Unfortunately, I am not receiving the webhook request required for the verification process. Instead, I am encountering a 403 Forbidden error without any associated webhook request.

The validation of the webhook notification endpoint URL is unsuccessful, as illustrated in the screenshot provided in my previous response. I am aware that webhook verification follows webhook endpoint validation, and my assumption is that due to the failure in webhook validation, I am not receiving the expected webhook request. Once I receive the webhook request, I can proceed with its verification.

Is there a specific reason for the failure in webhook notification endpoint validation? I attempted validation using both ngrok and the development server.

@pragyansh I am going to dm you my calendar invite and see if we are able to troubleshoot this together.