VB Desktop App to Get a List of Waiting Room Participants in Zoom Meeting

I’d like to write a desktop application in VB.NET that can read the list of participants in a Zoom meeting waiting room, check it against a spreadsheet, and indicate if there’s a match on the name. We host some large private meetings, and anyone admitted must be checked and matched against a spreadsheet.

Additionally, the application should have a button to admit the matched participants. I can write all the code to check the Excel spreadsheet for a match, but I’m confused about the Zoom integration. I also recognize that host or co-host permissions are needed to see who is in the waiting room.

Is this application doable? Where do I begin with constructing the portion of the program that works with Zoom?


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To create a VB.NET desktop app for Zoom, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a Zoom developer account and get API credentials.
  2. Use HTTP requests to interact with the Zoom API.
  3. Get waiting room participants using the API.
  4. Read the Excel spreadsheet with names.
  5. Check for matches and admit participants using the API.
  6. Add a button to trigger the admission process.

Remember to handle errors properly. Good luck!


I can handle items #1 and #4. I would greatly appreciate any code examples, especially for #2 and #3. I’m confused what I would specify for a redirect URI, for example, from a desktop application which is what this would be – not a web application.

Any further guidance and code examples would be appreciated.