How to Integrate Zoom SDK for windows in windows application

I am working on a project in which I have to show a textbox and a button. The user will paste the video conference link in the textbox and click on the button. The application will forward the user to zoom video conference call. Now the question is, How do I integrate the zoom SDK in my c# .net desktop application? Please don’t tell me about zoom docs, i have already gone through them and didn’t find anything -_-. Help would be appreciated.
Also tell me 
Is it necessary for the person to be logged in for joining the conference ??
What are the obstacles or requirements on user end for joining conference call ???

HI Shahroze,


Are you using the SDK to launch this meeting or just using the zoommtg protocol?

hey Joshua!
I am using sdk to launch this meeting

Any help would be appreciated

You would take whatever the user inputed and pass it to the Join method (

Providing the input as meetingNumber in JoinParam4NormalUser (


To participate in a meeting, no need to log in

Thank you very much for your help
But I am having a bit confusion understanding the syntax of this class because my c++ skills are not so good.
What I understand from your comment is “I will pass the user input in variable meetingNumber of tagJoinParam4NormalUser and left others empty then I will call Join method with JoinParam containing same user input which I have passed in variable meetingNumber of tagJoinParam4NormalUser”  
Tell me if I am right

Sounds right

Hey joshua sorry for bothering you again but I am having difficulty calling zoom methods from my c# windows form. Can you provide any help ???

hi All,

you can build a CLR project via visual studio. c# code can use the CLR dll directly and in the CLR project you can use the managed c++ to use c++ interface directly.



do you made CLR  project to connect zoom sdk and c#?

I know this is old thread, but a lot of people may come here for help (like me some time ago). I created example illustrates how to implement Zoom Custom UI on WPF app. Can be found here:


Hey @aliaksei.luferau,

Thank you for providing this, this is very handy :slight_smile:


Hi @Shahroze_Malik ,

I am also looking to do integration of the zoom sdk into Winform C# application.
If you have done this integration then please help me