vConsole appears on the screen blocking some of the user interface

On Android Phone (HTTP_USER_AGENT is Linux; Android 10; ONEPLUS A5010) and on Kindle (HTTP_USER_AGENT is Linux; Android 4.4.3; KFTHWI) the Web SDK results in a green icon/button saying vConsole on it in white text both prior to joining and after joining. This icon/button can be moved around but at time does block the user interface until it is dragged and moved.

There is no error as such as can still start join the Zoom meeting with all the usual functionality just if the user taps the vConsole button and whole load of console information then appears

Which version?
Web SDK 1.8.1

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Use an android phone or kindle instead of a computer and then see the green vConsole button

If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem.

Device (please complete the following information):
Amazon Kindle running Fire OS running SILk browser on Android 4.4.3 OS
Android Phone ONE PLUS A5010 on Android 10 using OxygenOS vn 10.0.1 running Chrome browser


So continuing to research into this and it is the Tencent Vconsole - for example or

Don’t know how to get rid of it just yet though…

And then looking in the vConsole there is a div with id __vconsole (see screenshot below)

and this is produced by vconsole.min.js (in js folder) but, for whatever reason, none of:
have any impact on it :frowning:

Hey @richard2,

Thanks for reporting this. We are taking a look and will get back to you with updates. (CS-2594) :slight_smile:


Thank you Tommy, appreciate it.

Just for context, I am a Javascript newbie so it could easily be something I have done or a setting I haven’t changed somewhere…

Hey @richard2,

If you are using the sample-app-web/CDN version, we provide the vconsole for debugging purposes.

You can remove it by deleting the <script src="js/vconsole.min.js"></script> script in the index.html file. :slight_smile:


Yeah I’ve already tried that and the whole thing still works when on my standard PC but for android phone something is no longer being called correctly as instead of it going to the zoom meeting and showing vConsole it fails to load at all and so I can’t just delete it unfortunately…

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Hey @richard2,

When you delete the vconsole script, can you share exactly what happens? Screenshots and the error message will be helpful for us to debug this.


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