Verifying impact of user settings for 'in_meeting/webinar_chat'

The “Get user settings” and “Update user settings” APIs have an in_meeting/webinar_chat object, but we’re having trouble mapping its contents to settings that can be edited in the user’s settings page. We see that the property in_meeting/allow_participants_chat_with maps to the user interface option “In Meeting (Basic)” / “Chat” / “By default, allow participants to chat with…”, but we’re having trouble finding the equivalents for properties like in_meeting/webinar_chat/allow_attendees_chat_with or in_meeting/webinar_chat/allow_panelists_chat_with or in_meeting/webinar_chat/default_attendees_chat_with.

Are these in_meeting/webinar_chat properties deprecated, still used and we’re overlooking the settings user interface, or only modifiable through the API? If they’re still used, is the impact of changing these settings only visible when starting an existing webinar, or do we need to create a new webinar for these settings to be applied?

The user we examined is a Licensed user and the account has a Zoom Meetings Business plan and a Zoom Webinars plan.