Video autoplay fail (intermittent issue)


2 instances:

  1. Sample app with no alterations (only configured with API key and secret) - I use no password for the webinars, only ID
  2. Sample app above’s integration in a WordPress website (https, no mixed content)

Both instances sometimes fail to load conference video until I screenshare from the zoom app that hosts the webinar (so, sometimes no video in browser until I screenshare).

No error message in console

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to ‘
  2. Clone or download repo as a zip
  3. Configure either local or CDN implementation
  4. Open index.html from either local or CDN folder in browser
  5. Enter ID of webinar in appropriate field of index.html in browser
  6. Sometimes there will be no video in browser window until you screenshare in the zoom app

No screenshots applicable.

Smartphone (please complete the following information):
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Additional context

  • Cause of issue unknown
  • Issue also present for meetings
  • Users join the webinar and I can see them in the zoom app from which I’m hosting. QA, raise hand and chat also work, video autoplay intermittent failure is the only issue.

Hey @rain-digital,

This black screen issue should be fixed in 1.7.9. the upcoming release currently slated for this weekend:



Instance: WordPress website

  1. Web sdk version 1.7.8 was integrated and worked fine, except the no video in browser until host screen shares issue
  2. Updated to 1.7.9 via npm i @zoomus/websdk and update reflected in package.json
  3. Issue mentioned at first point in this comment persists

Please let me know if more info required or if I am doing something wrong.

P.S.: In the sample app I noticed you split index.js into index.js and meeting.js, should I do anything different in the the above mentioned WordPress integration because of this?

I’m also still seeing the same issue after upgrading to v1.7.9, are there changes needed in the way to use the web sdk to make this work?

Hey @qun, @rain-digital,

Are you serving your site over https? If not, sometimes the browser will not allow you to access your camera and mic for the Web SDK.

Some of the sample app logic was changed, but using the Web SDK itself remains the same: