Video not being captured on Android

just upgraded to version 4.4.55130.0712 from version 4.1.34082.1024 on my Android app.

after upgrade the application no longer shows the device video.

I noticed that the layount no longer includes

and that the videocapturer relies on a boolean “mEnabledDummySurface” to create a surface holder.

My question is how does the library know to set the boolean ?

when i debug my app against the sample app the boolean is set to true for the sample app and to false in my app.

any ideas ?

magic when upgrading is to make sure you call


to enable the videocapture using a custom ui

Hey @jhorel,

Did this resolve your issue?


yes it did.

it was a little tricky to debug as the once the call to .setCustomizedMeetingUIEnabled(true) is made on an app and device it persists across a reboot/re-install of the application which leads to working on one device and not on another device depending on how you did it.

I see! Happy to hear you figured out the issue!

Let us know if you have any other questions!