Video SDK Billing, what in a minute?

I am trying to figure out how the minutes are calculated for the Video SDK. I see that in the pay as you go you get 10,000 minutes then billed every minute after. But I cannot find any documentation on what constitutes a minute.

If I have my audio, video and sharing all going is that 3 minutes for every minute?

What if I have my audio on and I am pulling down others videos but do not have my video on, is that still 2 minutes?

Or is it just when I am in a meeting I am billing only 1 minute no matter what features I use?

Hopefully you see where I am going with this. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, we provided an example the “Contact Sales” button at Zoom Developer Solutions. “Use of the SDK Service will be measured based on the total number of meeting session minutes in a month attributable to the meeting sessions launched by Customer and/or users of Customer’s application (“Meeting Session Minutes”). For example, if five (5) end users participate in a 10 minute meeting session through Customer’s application, then fifty (50) total Meeting Session Minutes will be used. Partial minutes used are rounded up.”

does that clear it up?

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Thank you, I think that clears it up. So I only need to worry about meeting session minutes per user. Thank you.

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Correct @ephraimwwt ! :slight_smile:


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