Video SDK - Firewall Settings - IP Addresses whitelist - Strictly required IP Addresses


What are the essential IP addresses, protocols, and ports
required for Zoom Video SDK to function within a private
network with a 100-rule firewall limit?


Our company is exploring the integration of Zoom Video SDK to enable
video conferencing in our client-facing application. However, our client
operates under a private network, so I believe we should add Zoom IP
address to the firewall settings to make the SDK work properly.

It seems there is a list of required IP addresses, but it’s
extensive, containing hundreds of entries. Our client’s firewall
settings are limited and already contain a lot of rules
so we can add approximately 100 rules before we hit the limit.

Therefore, we seek clarification on whether we must whitelist
all IP addresses listed in the documentation, or if a subset of
these addresses, totaling fewer than 100, can suffice to enable
the Video SDK in a private network setting.

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Same question is there anyone can help ?