Video SDK - Send Chat Messages too fast

I have a windows application using the VideoSDK. I’m trying to send a set of commands between clients and I’m using the chat interface to send such commands. The commands need to go in an almost real time fashion. The length of the message doesn’t seem to be a problem, the longest message probably reaches 1024 characters, however when I send the commands too fast I get error: ZoomVideoSDKErrors_Wrong_Usage, if I repeat the same message every 50ms the send message eventually succeeds. I suspect there might be an anti spam feature implemented in the API or the back end. Is there a way to turn off such feature for my app or a way to send data between clients similar to a websocket?

Which Windows Video SDK version?

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Yes this is indeed intentional. Sending messages repeatedly at short intervals can cause a variety of issues, so the SDK prevents this. We do not currently have a way to disable this at this time.


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