Video SDK - Session recordings does not exist


We are using Video SDK Web and developed a widget where user session recording happens. But for few users, only session exists but recording does not exists. What might be the reason?

Session Name: Topic 7/14/2023 1:00:45 PM

We have not received any update regarding video or recording errors.

Kindly let us know the reason.

Hi @sri.unique2004
Thanks for reaching out to us, I am happy to help here!
could you please share with me a session ID so I can take a look into this issue for you?

Hi Elisa,

Thanks for your reply. Below is the information you requested to look into the issue. We have many with such issues but attaching one session id for your immediate action:

Session Id: i/xfN9cSSeCPjOpI8ZtHkg==
Session Name: Topic 7/14/2023 1:00:45 PM


Hi @sri.unique2004
Thanks for reaching out, please make sure to tag me when you reply so I get a notification.
I can not find the sessionID you shared with me. Make sure that the user did not delete the session/recording