Video SDK web 1.7.0 release

Hello Zoom Developers, here are the updates for the Video SDK web 1.7.0 release :slight_smile:


  • checkFeatureRequirements API to check browser compatibility with supported features.
  • reclaimHost method to allow the original host to reclaim host privileges when lost.
  • Original host support. Set the role_type property in the SDK JWT payload to 1 and use the client.isOriginalHost() method to reclaim host privilege.
  • Mask background feature, which is supported on more browsers than virtual backgrounds. Use a background image or a clip to mask the background.
    • Background image: Similar to the virtual background feature, it covers the background behind the user.
    • Clip: The shape to use to mask the background of the video. The shape includes the following: rectangle, square, circle, or SVG.
    • To enable this function, use the mask option in the stream.startVideo method, or preview the video via the stream.previewVideoMask method.


  • Audio latency.
  • stream.startShareScreen method with a displaySurface option to allow users to specify the default surface when starting screen share on Chromium-like browsers.
  • Participant interface with isSpeakerOnly attribute; the speakerOnly audio status will broadcast to all users in the session.
  • HTMLElement checking in APIs that require a canvas or video element to return a friendly reason if the parameter is incorrect.


  • userIdentity property is not in the stream.getAllUser returned value.
  • Incorrectly returned Promise by stream.switchCamera method when the camera doesn’t work.
  • mirrorVideo on Firefox with SharedArrayBuffer disabled.
  • Safari 16.4 video rendering issues.

You can also see the update listed on our Changelog:


Hi Tommy,

Thanks for sharing the updates for the Zoom Video SDK web 1.7.0 release! It’s great to see the new features and enhancements, especially the checkFeatureRequirements API to ensure browser compatibility and the ability for the original host to reclaim host privileges.

The mask background 1 feature also sounds interesting, offering more options for users to customize their backgrounds. It’s good to know that audio latency has been improved and that there are fixes for issues such as userIdentity property not being returned and incorrectly returned Promises.

I’ll be sure to check out the Changelog for more details. Thanks again for sharing!

Best Regards

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