Video SDK Web 1.5.5 release

Hello Zoom Developers, here are the updates for the Video SDK Web 1.5.5 release :slight_smile:


  • Support for multi-sharing at the same time. Enable with stream.setSharePrivilege(SharePrivilege.MultipleShare). Use stream.switchShareView to switch the share view.
  • Ability to adjust individual user’s audio volume locally using stream.adjustUserAudioVolumeLocally.
  • Support for Firefox gallery view when SharedArrayBuffer is enabled.
  • Support for live transcription and translation (if enabled for the Account).


  • stream.startShareScreen API with requestReadReceipt option; when enabled, there will be a share-can-see-screen event when other users’ receive the shared content.
  • Speed when joining a session.
  • Number of 720p videos that can be subscribed to (now up to 4) on Chrome and Chromium-like browsers (note that this is CPU- and network-intensive).
  • startCaptureVideo API with originalRatio option as an alternative to the new default behavior of cropping captured video to 16:9 ratio.


  • Issue with sending a command channel message right after a user-added event.
  • Audio not working correctly on desktop Safari with SharedArrayBuffer enabled.
  • Audio distortion issues on iOS and iPadOS.
  • Certain monitor logs being unintentionally missing.
  • Host privileges being rescinded when entering subsessions in certain edge cases.
  • Video unintentionally playing back with controls when opened in an iOS webview in certain cases.


@tommy after upgrade to this version self video not showing neither capturing on iPhone 6 safari (iOS 12.4.8).
mediaStream.startVideo() promise function not resolving and not throwing any error, looks like it stucks somewhere

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