Web SDK with low performance (Audio and Video)

I have run the example project for Web SDK but the audio and the video have low performance and high CPU consuming.

I have to switch off the camera to have a good audio meeting

Which version?
I´m using the Local version “@zoomus/websdk”: “^1.7.5”,

Smartphone (please complete the following information):
I have a MacBook Pro with 16Gb RAM


the problem here is that with the actual version, the websdk seems to not use any GPU acceleration for encoding / decoding the video stream.
instead, it seems like this is done via webassembly on the CPU only. this places high load on your device’s CPU (despite the low resolution of only 360p).

lets hope that zoom will find a way to use a more efficient way for en/decoding…


Hi @harald.glanzer,

You’re correct, we are working on ways to improve the performance of the WebSDK using Web Assembly . This of course is in collaboration with Web Assembly and browser vendor teams which is the reason we only support 360p at this time.


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