Video still hangs on CustomUI

So we are running into an intermittent but frequent issue where the app hangs when video is turned on. There are two other forum discussions i found where this issue was discussed (and our stack implies its precisely the same issue). It was mentioned that this was fixed in v5.2.41735.0929 “* Fixed an issue that the video sometimes freezes in Custom UI.” but we are still seeing it in v5.2.41751.1026. For reference the previous discussions are:


Here is the stack we are getting when this happens.

And you will notice is the same issue being referenced in previous posts. How confident in your fix are you and can you think of any reason we might be getting it after upgrading past this supposed fixed in version?


Hi @stallent, thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you are still encountering this issue. Can you please provide some additional information so that we may investigate why this continues to be a problem on newer versions of the SDK?

  • Xcode version
  • Full SDK logs (please ensure that logs are enabled)
  • Is this specific to any version(s) of macOS?


Hi @jon.lieblich. i posted the very stack where you guys are deadlocked. I included two other forums posts where the issue was discussed thoroughly. Catalina is the macOS version. Its intermittent, but increases in likelihood with more people in a meeting. For example with 30+ people there are always a subset (3-7 people) that hit it.

What additional info would be helpful?

Hi @stallent,

The stack in your original post will be useful, so thank you for providing that. However, there may be additional key information available in the SDK logs that a stack alone cannot provide. If you don’t mind providing that at your earliest convenience, it would be greatly appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, the Xcode version you are using would be helpful to know.


@jon.lieblich Ah, my apologies. Where do you want the log uploaded?

Hi @stallent, no worries at all!

You are more than welcome to upload the log here. If you are concerned about the log containing sensitive information, you may email it to instead. If you take that route, be sure to mention me by name in your email.


Thanks @jon.lieblich. So interesting… we updated to the just released v5.2.42037.1112 this weekend and it seems to have helped the issue dramatically, even though there is zero info about it in the change log. There WERE comments about it in previous changelog so curious if it was missed in the code update and fix didn’t make it until .1112. Either way it seems to be better for us at the moment. If it comes back i’ll grab a new log and send.

Thank you!

Hi @stallent,

Glad to hear the new version helped with this issue! That’s strange that it wasn’t resolved in an earlier version, but please do let me know if you start seeing this issue again and we will definitely look into it.