VideoSDK : Dependent assets are not accessible

The following error has occurred. Please advise on the resolution.

UnhandledRejection Object captured as promise rejection with keys: reason, type

  reason: dependent assets are not accessible, 

The relevant code is as follows:

await zmClient.init('jp-JP', 'CDN', { stayAwake: true })

Which version of the Web Video SDK?
Version 1.10.1

Browsers where the issue is occurring:

  • Chrome
  • Edge

Shared Array Buffer is ON.
This issue only occurs for some users

Hey @joji.iizuka

Thanks for your feedback.

The inability to access resources is typically due to IT policy blocks or possibly caused by CSP policies.

Can you try accessing this address?


Hey @vic.yang

Thank you for your response.

I’m sorry, but the error is occurring for the end users, not me.

Is there anything that can be done on the system side to prevent this error from occurring?

Hey @joji.iizuka

Perhaps you can perform a connectivity test by attempting to download this file before starting a video session (you can use XHR or fetch).

If the download fails, it indicates that network policies are blocking access. You can then prompt the user to contact IT to check the network configuration.


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