Virtual Backgrounds Do Not Persist

On iOS, in a custom UI, setting a Virtual Background functions correctly while you stay in the same meeting. But if you leave and re-enter, or enter and return from a Breakout Room, the Virtual Background is forgotten.

Before SDK v5.7.6, this feature worked correctly.

SDK iOS v5.7.6.1080 (hotfix) failed to correct this problem.

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?
This began to happen in SDK v5.7.6.

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Many different iPad models

Additional context
SDK v5.7.6 broke this on all of our platforms. v5.7.6.1080 (hotfix) fixed it for Mac & Windows but we still see it on iOS (not sure about Android). The Windows v5.7.6.1080 Release Notes say: “Fixed an issue where the virtual background is not being applied in Custom UI.”

We need the same fix for iOS.

Hey @steven.otoole,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

Let me follow up with the team on this one. Stay tuned.


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