Virtual background is not working


we are using Zoom SDK in our app and as we tested recently it seemed like we were unable to use virtual background feature. The button is there in the UI but it is not doing anything.

We investigated more and read your documentation and it seems like only certain devices are allowed to use it, iPhone 8, 8+ and X, although we have iPhone 11 so I wonder is documentation out of date or there is a bug that button is shown on iPhone 11 if not supported:

Second, we managed to find an answer from Carson_Chen, where it’s stated that virtual background can only be used if user is signed in. Our host is signed in while participant can join the call by utilising meeting ID and password only. Could that be an issue? Also, if it is, could you please update your documentation as that is not stated anywhere. Issue on which Carson_Chen did answered that is:

We are using SDK version 5.2.42037.1112
XCode version: Version 12.0.1 (12A7300)
Tested on iPhone 11 (MWK02LL/A) with iOS 14.1

Hey @simic.aleksandar87,

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I am sorry that the virtual background is not working on your device. I do not believe this feature is intended to work only on specific devices anymore. I tested this on my iPhone SE2, and it worked whether I was signed in or not.

I also noticed that the virtual background shows when using an iPhone 11 iOS 14.1 sim. Can you try this on the simulator and see what happens?

Also, there is a property (BOOL)virtualBackgroundDisabled in MobileRTCMeetingSettings to check if virtual backgrounds have been disabled for the current meeting. Can you check this property to see what it returns?