isSupportVirtualBG always return "false" with iOS SDK


We use iOS SDK with our API business account.
But “MobileRTCMeetingService#isSupportVirtualBG” always return “NO(false)”.
Our meeting settings(“Virtual background”) on the web console is enabled.
Why does it always return “NO(false)”?

Zoom iOS SDK version:

Testing device:

  • Device: iPhone11
  • OS: ios13.4

Best regars


Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Here is the checklist if you are not able to use the virtual background in iOS SDK:

  1. Make sure your “Virtual Background” setting is enabled on your web portal
  2. Make sure your iOS device meets the minimum requirement listed in
  3. The virtual background is only available for logged-in users (email/SSO login).

Hope this helps. Thanks!