Virtual Open Office Hours Using Zoom?

Hey All,
I’m working on a project that I believe zoom can solve, but I’m not sure the way I’m thinking about having my programmer do it is the best or most efficient way, so thought I’d reach out on here.

The end goal is to be able to have a button clicked on a website & launch a web meeting with one of our engineers.

It’s required that the person clicking the link does not need to download the zoom app onto their desktop to get into the meeting.

I have 3 engineers & my current idea was to have at least one of those engineers logged into their personal zoom meeting room for a period of up to 4 hours. Then people on the website can click a link and join the meeting as needed to speak with an engineer. Kind of like open office hours with an engineer.

I was going to use zooms webhooks to check to see if any of the solutions engineers are in a meeting with a certain name if so, the webpage would show an icon telling the the user that this person is online to speak with.

I do have a concern around the zoom meeting timing out if there is no activity, which I looked up in the help & am not sure if it will after 24 hours or 40 min, although we are all pro users.

Additionally, I’m concerned about how to show if someone is online or available or not.

Do you have any ideas?


Launch browser-based meeting with 1 click from a webpage, allowing for voice & video through web browser

Have a zoom meeting already going where someone is in there to speak with that person

Be able to see who (what user) is available / in an open meeting room to speak with

Hi @dcullum,

I am consulting with the team if we have any ready to use implementation for your use case. I will update you shortly.