Virtual room using zoom troubles

Hey there Zoom community, my issue is probably something fairly simple that im overlooking.

The company I work for has a Learning Management System, with the ability to create virtual rooms.

When trying to set up a room, it asks me for the following:

  • User ID, where I tried the email of my pro account, personal meeting ID, and account NO.
  • API KEY, I then get that from the bottom of the settings
  • API SECRET, I then get that from the bottom of the settings
  • MAX USERS, Unsure what to put in max users at the time, so I put it as 4

But I am receiving an error telling me to make sure my account has API enabled.
I know you guys can’t help me with my Learning Management System, but my question is whether zoom has such settings to enable API ?

I will try to reach out to my Learning Management Systems support team next, but thought I’d throw that question out there first.

Thank you!

Hi @mec_facilitator,

The error is valid and it sounds like the account you’re using does not have access to use our API. I would suggest reaching out to the team or person who manages the zoom relationship.